KIZER Flux 2in1 Black – 4x90mm OR 3X100mm


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KIZER Flux 2in1 Black – Ideal mix of urban and aggressive skating frame. TRINITY mounting, 4x90mm OR 3X100mm, wings for soul-based grinds


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KIZER Flux 2in1 Black – 4x90mm OR 3X100mm

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Who says you can’t have it all? Whether you (tri-) skate on three-wheels or you prefer to use four-wheels you only need one frame to have endless fun. The Innovative KIZER Flux 2in1 Black is a multifunctional frame that allows you to easily change between wheel configurations and enjoy both urban and aggressive skating. Engineered around the patented TRINITY 3-point mounting system, the frame brings the wheels close to the boot, delivering a low center of gravity, excellent stability, and efficient power transfer. The TRINITY mounting feature of the KIZER Flux 2in1 Black frame includes small wings that even allow you to do soul-based grinds so you can feed your aggressive skating side. Whether you’re skating on 4x90mm wheels or 3x100mm wheel, with the KIZER Flux 2in1 Black frame you can cruise the city, grind ledges, weave through cones, jump gaps, slide on smooth surfaces and so much more. Discover what urban inline skating is all about, give the KIZER Flux 2in1 Black a try.


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