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Elite cast MG Frame 13.2 /4×110, 195


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POWERSLIDE Elite 195 MG 110 – 13.2″ high-performance inline skate frame for speed, race, and marathons. Magnesium, 195 mounting, max. 110mm wheels

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Elite cast MG Frame 13.2 /4×110, 195

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The POWERSLIDE Elite 195 MG 110 – 13.2 inline skate frame is a revolution for the speed- and marathon skating world. This high-performance frame is constructed of high-grade magnesium and is produced using a mold rather than the more traditional method of extrusion and CNC milling process making the frame lightweight and nearly indestructible.

Designed for intense and high-speed inline skating, the POWERSLIDE Elite frame undergoes a special treatment process to ensure they are long-lasting and a constant top performer. The frame is also compatible with our pitch and stride control which helps correct your form and optimizes performance. With a length of 13.2 inches / 335.28mm and able to accept 4x110mm wheels, this frame is built to perform and show you what you’re really possible on inline skates – it’s the Elite 195 MG 110 – 13.2 frame from POWERSLIDE.


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