Elite cast AL Frame 231/3×100 White, TRI


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POWERSLIDE Elite 100 / 231 white Tri Frame – Fast and agile triskate frame. Cast aluminum, X-slot and TRINITY mounting, max. 100mm wheels.

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Elite cast AL Frame 231/3×100 White, TRI

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For skaters with small-sized feet and those wanting a responsive inline skating experience, look no further than the POWERSLIDE Elite 100 – 231 White TRI frame. This superb triskate frame is made of strong and lightweight aluminum alloy, making strides seem almost effortless and helping provide rapid acceleration. With a length of 231mm and accepting up to 100mm wheels, this is a truly agile frame that will give you the confidence you need to try new tricks and reach new speeds on inline skates.

Engineered around the famous TRINITY 3-point mounting system, the POWERSLIDE Elite 100 – 231 White TRI frame gives you a host of unique benefits that help improve your skating performance. The TRINITY system gives you the best stability, power transfer, control possible, thanks to its 3 points of contact with the boot. By creating a central channel, the TRINITY system brings your wheels close to the foot delivering a low center of gravity.

To personalize your setup and augment your inline skating style, the POWERSLIDE Elite 100 – 231 White TRI frame features an integrated X-slot system that allows you to move the frame forward and back or side to side. Available in either Black or White colorways, you’ll love the skating experience you get from this outstanding frame.


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