Reign Hockey Skates TRITON 100

Kerge klaaskiust saabas pakub suurepärast tuge ja 3-D Recall vooder mugavust.

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Reign Hockey Skates TRITON 100

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The Reign Triton - lift your game on a new level. The REIGN Triton breaks with hockey traditions. The 3x100mm setup makes your game even faster as well as the added bonus of making you more agile. The patented 3-point TRINITY mounting enables you to customize the frame position under your boot to fit perfectly to your individual skating skills and needs. This light weight boot is based on a glass-fiber reinforced plastic shell which provides great support. The 3-D Recall lining offers superior comfort. In addition, the 100mm Prime Tribune indoor wheels offers you a perfect grip. The Reign Triton will change your life and your game.



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