Roller skating school


Siit leiad treeningute ja sündmuste toimumisajad. Valides sobiva treeningu saad sellele registreerida.

Registreerimine ei ole igaks trenniks vajalik, võid end kirja panna, kui osaled esmakordselt Rulluisukooli treeningul või kui soovid registreerida uut 5x kaarti või kuukaarti.

By registering for training, you agree that you understand and comply with the following payment terms:

In addition, it must be remembered that each student (in the case of a minor, his or her parent) is responsible for his or her own safety and security at training and events! Tips and safety techniques are always shared during the training, but it is the responsibility of each student to follow them.

Bank details:

RECIPIENT: MTÜ Limitless Lifestyle
A/a: EE052200221062274446

Please indicate in the explanation:
* student's name
* millise treeningviisiga tegu on (ühekordne treening + treeningu kuupäev/ kuukaart/ 5x kaart/personaalne treening)
* in the case of a monthly card, the month for which you are paying
* if you use a family benefit, mention it with the word "family benefit"
Family discount - valid for 5x card and monthly card.
If 2 or more family members from one family participate in the training, a 10% discount applies to the total amount.
NB! Peresodustuse saamiseks tuleb kaartide eest tasuda korraga.
In case of a transfer, please indicate this in the explanation with the word "family benefit".


When registering, be sure to consider the trainings and events reflected in the calendars, because it is not always possible to do personal training during these times.

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