Powerslide Standard Men Elbow Pad


Powerslide Standard Men Elbow Pad – Anatomically pre-shaped elbow pads. Ample protection for action sports. Dense foam, durable caps, cotton sock sleeve.

Powerslide Standard Men Elbow Pad

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Often overlooked when skaters are looking for protective gear, elbow pads are important pieces of your protective gear. The POWERSLIDE Standard Men elbow pad is the perfect mix of comfort, value, and excellent protection for inline skaters and pretty much any action sport. A great option for beginners and advanced skaters, the POWERSLIDE Standard Men elbow pad is anatomically pre-shaped for improved comfort and incorporates dense shock-absorbing materials to keep you safe from impacts, while the large flat caps protect you from scrapes and abrasions. Elbow pads only work if they stay in place and the POWERSLIDE Standard Men is kept snugly where it should be thanks to the cotton sock sleeve and adjustable elastic Velcro straps. With the POWERSLIDE Standard Men, you’ll have confidence when you’re pushing your limits and enjoying your favorite action sports. This elbow pad conforms to the EN 14120 European safety standard.



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