Powerslide Spinner Wheel 100mm 88a


  • Model: Spinner
  • Size: 100 mm
  • Hardness: 88a
  • Type: Freeskate/Powerblading

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Powerslide Spinner Wheel 100mm 88a

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Powerslide Spinner wheels - The best money for value freeskate wheel Powerslide Spinner wheels are without a doubt the best choice for freeskaters looking for that high performance wheel at a moderate price. The urethane offers you all you need - a fast and easy roll, great grip and a long lifespan. Freeskate wheels endure extreme pressures during slides, jumps and stair rides, particularly when the entire body weight is concentrated on a single wheel. In order to withstand the high forces the core of Spinner is made of very durable glass-fiber reinforced composite material. This wheel comes in 100mm / 88A and red PU .


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