Powerslide Edge Trinity Frame 2x150


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The Powerslide Edge 150 frameset is a strong and durable TRINITY frame with 2 wheels made with a perfect CNC machining and laser print.

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Powerslide Edge Trinity Frame 2x150

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Powerslide Edge TRINITY 150 frame - the best of both worlds. Are you looking for new challenges? Switching to another skate discipline has never been easier. TRINITY isn´t just the best performing mounting system for Inline skates, it`s also compatible with ALL our models, so with a single Powerslide Trinity mounting boot you can enjoy all segments of skating at any time. Simply change the frames and you´re ready for anything - fitness, speed, urban, off road, hockey or even ice - TRINITY offers the biggest selection of frames. The Edge 150 is our first two wheel frame setup. The basic idea was to safe some weight, but at the same time we also wanted to increase its agility. The result is the Edge TRINITY SUV frame - slightly shorter than the Outback and also using 150mm tires in order to master all kinds of surfaces with ease.The frame itself has been developed for extreme use. The advantages of the three point mounting are evident. The extra mounting point with the two wings in the front offers increased balance, stability and control as well as better power transfer. TRINITY also offers the well known X-slot mounting system which allows you to customize your boot-frame position by shifting the frame from both side to side plus forwards and backwards. The Next Edge SUV 150 combines the best of both worlds - speed and agility.


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