MyFit Recall Skatesole

  • 3D shaped, arch support, heel lock
  • Memory foam upper
  • EVA heel and arch support

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MyFit Recall Skatesole

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MYFIT Recall Skate innersole - skate with comfort. The MYFIT Recall innersole puts a smile on your face as soon as you step into your skates. The exclusive memory foam material used for the top layer of the innersole keeps its shape and performance again and again giving you the soft and cushioning "Recall feeling" every time you skate. For more support and for better performance the Recall innersole features a 3-D shaped arch and heel lock. This innersole has been specially developed for inline skates Recommended for: All types of inline skates Skaters who are looking for exceptional comfort and performance Skaters with fallen arches or flat feet



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