Hardcore Evo Pro 90


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Powerslide HC Evo Pro 90 Freestyle Urban inline skates for slalom skating. Heat moldable carbon shell for comfort, Nexus Rocker TRINITY frames & 90mm SPINNER Wheels.

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Hardcore Evo Pro 90

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The Powerslide HC Evo 90 is loved for its great performance and comfort right out of the box. The third generation is coming in a new look based on a mix of nylon mesh and PUleather including a TPU panel for extra lateral support. The patented TRINITY mounting boosts your performance to another level thanks to the incredible power transfer and reactivity, the perfect control and balance as well as the outstanding vibration control. The 3-wheel rocker setup based on the Nexus frame, was especially designed for freestyle skating. Bigger wheels make sitting tricks like the 'Christie' easier. Furthermore they give your ankles more leverage, allowing you to lift your heel and toe higher. It's easier to balance on one wheel with more speed and now with the introduction of bigger wheels it makes speed maintenance and balance easier than ever. The HC Evo offers rockering options a regular 4-wheels skate can't - rocker just one or two wheels on your skates. You can even rocker your left and right skates differently if you prefer! The skate is powered by Powerslide Spinner wheels and Wicked ABEC 9 fresspin bearings. The HC Evo Pro is featuring a built in 3mm higher heel raise to give you a little bit of extra forward lean. The heat moldable shell allows you to adjust the fit time and time again if needed. Over time the HC Evo Pro is a lightweight allround carbon skate which doesn't just has made up its name in freestyle skating but also in other disciplines like freeride, downhill or simply fitness skating.


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