Ennui Urban Glove


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ENNUI Urban Glove – Retro ’90s fingerless protective glove for inline skating. Palm splint, EVA knuckle inserts, durable leather, Velcro strap

Ennui Urban Glove

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An icon from the ‘90s is back and it’s still one of the most protective, best-looking protective gloves out there. Inline skaters, say hello to an old friend – it’s the Urban Glove from ENNUI. A versatile glove designed for urban inline skating and freeskating, they’re so good they can be used for pretty much any action sport.

To prevent you from wrist injuries, the glove features an anatomical splint on the inner wrist and palm area and to protect the top of your hand,
the glove comes with EVA knuckle inserts.

To keep you cool even during those hot summer days skating around the city, the ENNUI Urban Glove incorporates a mesh lining and vent holes make to promote breathability and keep your hands dry.

To keep the glove firmly and comfortably in place, the glove has an elastic Velcro strap that wraps around the upper wrist. The unique fingerless design of the glove eliminates reduces the restrictions that come with most protective gloves, while at the same time offering that extra protection against scratches and cuts that regular wrist guards can’t offer.

The ENNUI Urban glove is great overall hand protection with a style that can’t be matched.


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