Elite casted AL 255/3x125 White, TRI


POWERSLIDE Elite 125 - 255 White Tri Frame - Fast and agile triskate frame. Cast aluminum, X-slot and TRINITY mounting, max. 125mm wheels

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Elite casted AL 255/3x125 White, TRI

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With Powerslide Elite 125 - 255 frames featuring 125mm wheels you put speed and fun under your skates while your center of gravity is reduced to the max. thanks to the patented TRINITY 3-point mounting system. But this sophisticated construction has much more to offer than just a low stand. The three-point mounting offers incredible power transfer and reactivity, reduces fatigue of your muscles for longer skate tours, and provides a better balance and control as well. Elite cast aluminum frames are the pinnacle of frame engineering - they are very stiff and lightweight. The built-in X-slot mounting allows you to customize the boot-frame position in all directions to boost your performance. TRINITY isn‘t just the best frame system, it‘s also the most universal one. You want to use a racing frame to get ready for a marathon or looking for SUV frames to skate off-road? You want to play hockey or commute in the city? Our TRINITY frame collection has it all! The Elite 255mm/3x125mm frame will be offered in black or white color. This compact frameset looks like fun and keeps its promises!


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