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Powerslide Swell Electric Pink 100 rulluisud


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Powerslide SWELL Electric Pink 100 performance fitness inline skates for your skating workout. Upgrade comfort & control with the new Adapt padding & TRINITY X mount.

Powerslide Swell Electric Pink 100 rulluisud

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It’s hard to miss the Swell Electric Pink 100 inline fitness skate from POWERSLIDE. With a shockingly beautiful style, excellent comfort, and proven performance, there’s a lot to love about the Swell Electric Pink 100. Designed around the groundbreaking Swell collection, this skate is packed with innovative features that improve performance and give you the ultimate workout.

The boot is made with MYFIT’s patented 3DAP® technology that’s made of cast PU material that molds perfectly to your foot, giving you an unmatched fit, comfort, and control. The upper portion is semi-clear and abrasion-resistant material that, combined with the supportive cuff gives you a solid, durable feel that gives you peace of mind even during the most intense workouts. The POWERSLIDE Swell Electric Pink 100 gives you all the tools to have the best inline workouts of your life, including the famous TRINITY 3-point mounting system that gives you a low center of gravity and excellent power transfer to the Elite AL cast frames riding on high-performance SHR 100mm wheels and WICKED freespin ABEC 7 bearings.




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