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Powerslide Phuzion Universe Green Rulluisud


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Powerslide Phuzion Universe Green Size-adjustable Kids 3-wheel inline skates for active children: Start skating on a supportive, fun, safe & easy to use skate.

Powerslide Phuzion Universe Green Rulluisud

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The POWERSLIDE Phuzion Universe Green inline skate for kids is a stylish, size-adjustable skate that’s supportive, fast and lots of fun.

The skate has a strong, light boot with a sleek black-green colorway that your kids will love to skate on all day long. The durable shell is designed to take everything your kids can throw at it and more.

We all know kids grow quickly. The size-adjustable POWERSLIDE Phuzion Universe inline skate is a great investment because it grows as your child does. Have confidence knowing your little roller will have a comfortable, well-fitting skate for a long time to come. The POWERSLIDE Phuzion Universe Green comes with a fast and stable 3-wheel set-up, making the skater lighter and offering improved control over a traditional 4-wheels set-up.

Safety is guaranteed thanks to the Height Adjustable Brake System (HABS) which gives your child the control they need to stop with confidence. Complete with POWERSLIDE Infinity wheels and WICKED ABEC 7 bearings, the Phuzion Universe Green is a good-looking versatile inline skate your kids will love. Cruise around the streets with friends, play a game of pickup hockey with the neighbors, or spend some quality time rolling around with family – the POWERSLIDE Phuzion Universe Green inline skate for kids can do it all.


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