Khaan Junior LTD Pink rulluisud

Powerslide Khaan Junior LTD Pink kids urban inline skates are 4 size adjustable, use a sturdy 4-wheel unibody hard shell+frame design & comfortable liners.

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Khaan Junior LTD Pink rulluisud

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For active kids there’s no better sport than inline skating. It’s a fun fast sport that helps them build confidence. The POWERSLIDE Khaan Junior LTD Pink is the ideal introductory inline skate, giving kids all the features they need to learn to skate and have a blast doing it. We all know that kids grow fast and the POWERSLIDE Khaan Junior LTD Pink grows right along with them.

The skate can be easily adjusted to four different sizes, so you can have peace of mind knowing your child will have a capable, well-fitting skate for years to come. The size-adjustable shell is strong and durable, able to take the scrapes, bumps, and falls that come with being an active child. The Khaan Junior LTD Pink also has a supportive cuff and a closure system that includes traditional lacing and a 45-degree ratchet buckle that keeps the foot snugly in place.

This impressive kid-focused skate also includes a Speed Control System (SCS) that allows you to easily limit the speed of the skate, so they can have the perfect balance of speed and safety. With fast POWERSLIDE wheels, smooth ABEC 5 bearings, and a stylish pink/white/black colorway, your children will have a blast learning how to roll.

Boot Overview: Hardboot; unibody construction; Khaan Jr. liner with EVA padding and expandable toe area; not heat moldable
Frame Overview: Unibody; polypropylene (PP) – GFK; 8.1″ (207mm) / 8.6″ (219mm) / 9.1″ (231mm) / 9.6″ (243mm); 4x64mm / 4x70mm / 4x72mm / 4x76mm
Wheel Overview: Powerslide One; 27-30 = 64mm / 31-34 = 70mm / 35-38 = 72mm / 39-42 = 76mm
Bearing Overview: Wicked; ABEC 5; carbon steel

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